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It’s summer. That means yet another year of uni comes to an end till autumn. For graduates this means.. pressure! Soon the endless, ‘oh you’re graduating this year? So what’s next?’ will begin to feel old and if you’re like me and haven’t got answer like ‘oh I’ve got a job at Ralph Lauren’ you would develop a sarcastic response ‘ dunno, think I am going to be a roadsweeper’.  I am proposing that we should approach this situation in a smart way. Apply for atleast 1 position per day and a maximum of 5 (you would want to spend sufficient time on each).Don’t waste time applying for jobs you don’t want. 

Before I start, I need these tools in my ongoing Job search.

A. CV 

By now if you’re graduating. you should have a CV. If not, its time to re-evaluate your life’s choices. Just kidding! Just visit the Careers service and they’ll get you started. If not there’s the internet. But as a word of caution, Careers service tells you where to look so do not trust everything you read on the internet.

Just remember that a CV should be specific and tailored to what you’re applying to. Also consider looking at other ways to represent yourself such as an info-graphic or a prezume. Info-graphics are a great way to represent data. It’s a creative way to represent yourself on one page. If you have heard of Prezi then its just about creating a CV with prezi. This is more relevant for the creative jobs such as designers, art directors, marketing and probably not so much for jobs like accounting.

B. Covering Letter

If you haven’t got one, careers service would be your best friend. You might at this point also want to think about sending speculative covering letters. Speculative covering letters are used, together with your CV to apply for a job that is not advertised but you want, in a company. So for me, I want to be applying speculatively to marketing agencies or advertising agencies for entry-level positions.

I have brainstormed a few options…

1. Read the news

I am going to read the news to be aware of what is going on in the world and keep with the times. Look at who’s economy is booming as who’s is facing a crises. This can help affect the international job search. What I want to be looking at is also headlines such as ‘Amazon has bought LoveFilm’ because that means they are expanding and that means they probably have vacancies. ‘ New Flagship store opening’ They would have vacancies too. Any news paper works such as the BBC but the local ones such as ‘The Sun’ have local job listings.

2. Agencies

A job agency’s job is to find you a job. There was a famous slogan of a job agency i think it went something like ‘our job is to worry about your job..’ I am not sure if there is a charge for this though. I haven’t used this option yet. But I think I should give this a try even as a last resort.

3. Speculative letters

There are some jobs that I want more than others or some companies that I really want to work in. For example, I wouldn’t a marketing job at some company. But I would KILL for a job at Leo Burnett. But I don’t see any advertisements for vacancies. This might be because sometimes companies fill vacancies internally first and then advertise. Speculative letters can be to request to shadow an employer or apply for an internship or an outright graduate job. I have been told that employers appreciate that you took the initiative to look up their company and write them a letter requesting a job. Be prepared, though, for them to completely ignore responding to you, even after follow up. Yes, welcome to the real world.

4. Careers Service Website

This has a treasure trove of information of what to do. I would go to the vacancies online portal. mostly because companies that are interested in hiring graduates from Newcastle University would advertise here.Alternatively, careers service has listed other sources of job search. You might find links such as target jobs or milkround useful.

5. Alumni

In addition to the 2 previous points, careers service has this facility called Graduate connections. It has records of graduates who would like to be contacted by people like us. It would be worthwhile to use the connections to ask qns about the companies that you’re interested in as well as enquire abt vacancies.

6. Linked in 

I think Linkedin is the professional version of Facebook. I have a Linkedin Profile and I have seen prospective employers search for me. It happened when I applied speculatively and also when I was selected for a Job interview. I have to admit that I have done the same to look at who is interviewing me or who I am writing to. Moreover, use linkedin to get connected to the companies that you are interested in because they post vacancies on there. Also join the relavant groups such as Newcastle university groups or for me, marketing groups or NorthEast groups. I have heard of so many getting headhunted. Make sure your profile captures the right audience.

7. Your connections

I have read somewhere that 80% of the people find jobs by word of mouth. So, spread the word that you are looking for a job and forward your CV to the people you think that can help!

Final word to the international student. Make sure that the employer that you are seeking or the job that you are seeking is a tier 2 sponsor. If not, much of the effort is wasted if they cannot sponsor your visa!

Disclaimer: This is exam season. Nothing should stop you from getting that First Class honours. It’s why you are University anyways! 🙂 Also, this is my approach to Job search. So feel free to suggest your ideas!

So I m gnna update what I get after taking this approach. Good luck to everyone else out there!


  1. Lots of useful points Lahari.
    When it comes to using a recruitment agency (point 2) the Careers Service recommend that you don’t use an agency that attempts to charge you – whether for being on their books or for CV advice (you can get CV advice and access job search resources for free from the Careers Service as one of our students or recent graduates! )
    Agencies that don’t charge can be useful – if you decide to use an agency you might want to have a look at our suggestions here:
    Good luck and don’t forget to pop in to see us if you need any careers support! 🙂

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