Posted by: EmmaMountain | May 29, 2013

Post-Degree Blues


In an attempt to secure a decent degree classification, the past two months have been a whirlwind of all-nighters, grim vending machine lunches and the sacrifice of anything remotely resembling a social life. I excitedly thought of all my plans over the weeks following my final exam; tickets for shows I’d been wanting to see for years, trips to London and a few parties to celebrate my new found freedom. As soon as I put my pen down on my last ever exam I went straight to the pub to live the student dream one last time. I woke up the next day, got on a train to London and was suddenly hit with panic at what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

The freedom to do whatever I want has come with the price tag of feeling overwhelmingly responsible for whatever happens next, and it’s proving a difficult pill to swallow. I’ve applied for numerous graduate positions and in the face of rejection have tried to reconcile myself that I have all my life to find that perfect job. Despite this logic for someone who has become accustomed to always having a definite plan I have still found the entire process of searching for a graduate position somewhat depressing. I’m in good company; the vast majority of my fellow students also have no clue what they are doing next and I know that I’m just being hard on myself. For anyone in the same position it’s important to try and keep things in perspective; if you’re relatively motivated by trying to gain experience, take extra courses and apply for jobs then there is not much else you can really do but hope for the best.

With that in mind, I’m going to accept that I might not know what’s round the corner, but I’m doing everything I can in the meantime to make sure I’m as prepared as I can be for whatever happens next. If this is eventually moving to London to pursue my dream career in Beauty PR, or if my life is taking on a different path, life is full of opportunity; the key is just staying optimistic and active until the right thing comes along.


  1. Hi Emma! You’re so right that you are not the only soon to be graduate feeling this way. The whole process can be daunting to many. It’s good to take time to recharge and relax after your hectic exam revision schedule but don’t forget that the Careers Service is here to help you. We’re a friendly bunch and can help you explore your options/ideas and talk you through the practical stuff (applications/CVs etc) too. We’ll support you for up to three years after graduation and it doesn’t matter if you are still in Newcastle or not. Register with us so that we can stay in touch with you. ( Good luck.

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