Posted by: EmmaMountain | October 26, 2013

Life After Uni

Three months on from my student life the impending doom of a deadline and my staple diet of nutella are a distant memory. My initial fear of being unemployed forever has quickly been replaced by a never-ending cycle of shift work in my relentless quest to eventually be able to afford to live in London next year.

I began a marketing role as a ‘Social Media and Online Sales Developer’ at an antique shop in Heaton back in July. Never one to waste an opportunity I began an VRQ Level 3 in Beauty Therapy on the Monday and kept my weekends free so that I could still travel to London. I felt like I had pretty much got life sorted with the only downside being that my marketing placement was only going to be for three months and I’d have to find another job pretty soon.

Running a giveaway at the antique shop!

Running a giveaway at the antique shop!

Fortunately two months into my placement my boss referred me to her husband who offered me a job as a Sales Consultant. This was total foreign territory as I’ve never had a role which was predominantly focused upon sales targets and administration work. It also meant my schedule is a lot more busier; I’m studying Beauty Therapy on Mondays, I’m continuing my marketing placement on Tuesdays and I’m working Wednesday-Sunday in my sales role with every other weekend off. Whilst working so much can be tiring, especially when I have a shift ending at 9pm and I’m back in work the next day at 8am my theory is the more experience the better to give you that extra edge, especially when there’s another million graduates from fantastic universities competing with you in a job application.

If I could recommend anything to someone who struggling to get a job in the career they want, I’d say stay open minded about the possibilities that can come from an opportunity. For me whilst Sales is not related directly to marketing it still allows me gain a lot of marketing experience through their outreach and their social media outlets. For those who are still studying I’d consider gaining some form of experience in a career field you want to pursue. This is a really good idea because it show to an employer you are genuinely interested in that field rather than that you are just applying for it because you want any job. Meanwhile if you would like a tour of the gym by yours truly, you know who to go to!

I’d love to know how other recent graduates are getting on so please feel free to leave a comment sharing your experience.

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