Posted by: marinebiologyben | November 6, 2013

I don’t like dolphins!

Sorry if you clicked on this article in the hope of reading about my hate towards the much beloved creature that is the dolphin because despite the title that is not the aim of this post. It’s more of an explanation of why despite my degree subject being Marine Biology I am most certainly not attempting to become a dolphin lover as a career, in fact I don’t even want to be a Scientist.

Marine biology students are expected to love fish, dolphins, seals and depending on their fear factor, sharks. I like these creatures (besides dolphins, I’ll get to them shortly) fair enough but I don’t want to make a career in this area; I merely took the degree to challenge myself academically to prove I was a capable candidate for jobs in the future.

You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t enjoy your subject or that you don’t know what you want to do. I say who cares! I’ve worked in the same awful clothes shop for over 5 years now and I’ve met some depressing characters, people clinging on to their youth desperately despite bordering on the middle ages still earning 10k a year because they “haven’t decided what they really want to do yet”.

The longer you leave your career quest thinking you’ll find the perfect idea spontaneously one day in the shower or whilst walking into town the shorter your career will be. The best thing to do is throw yourself at every little opportunity now, whether you’re a fresher or you’re in your final year and get as much work experience as you can, you’ll never know you want to do something until you’ve truly tried it so take the plunge at any opportunity, you never know, you could be one of those people who does truly love their job!

So I’m a marine biology student applying for marketing positions, maybe you could be a History student applying to be a future brand developer or a French student who runs a HR department for a German company, don’t be worried about applying for experience and careers in areas that don’t specifically match your degree because skills learnt at University do translate, (except if you want to be a doctor, you do need a medical degree before saving someone’s life!) if anything companies these days prefer people with differing backgrounds and find it more beneficial to the company. We may be university students but you can still be pretty much what you want to be, as long as you’re putting in the effort outside of your degree to prove it too!

PS For those who like dolphins think about this. Dolphins are the only other animals which have sex for pleasure, the reason they are so playful at SeaWorld is because there getting sexual enjoyment from the bodily contact, and they always want more, if you were with dolphins in the sea and you were unlucky they have been known to drag humans underwater in an attempt to have sex with them and thus drowning them. Think about that if you’re planning a family trip to meet those friendly fellas!


  1. Like your post Ben. I was shocked the other day to discover apparently Killer Whales are part of the oceanic dolphin family (thanks QI!) Who knew? Well – maybe most marine biologists. Ahem. Anyway just to give the Careers Service a plug – if any of our students are wanting to discuss career option ideas – related to their subject area or not – we are here to listen, but not to judge. And to hopefully get you started in whatever you want to do….just drop in and see us if you want to chat.

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