Posted by: alixpickles | November 9, 2013

Careering Ahead one step at a time

Careering Ahead! Careering Ahead? If you’re anything like me you’ll feel like on the path to getting a job you’re actually stuck squarely in the mud, not moving forwards. You may even feel like you’re rocketing backwards. I certainly do sometimes. The thought of finishing my final year at university and returning home, with nothing to show for three years, feels like the reality of the future.

Usually known as the organisational freak I now find myself drowning under a mountain of post-it notes, with a million things I must not forget hastily scribbled down. My room resembles one giant waste paper bin. Sometimes it feels as if my senile years have prematurely hit because I keep forgetting things I spoke about only ten minutes ago. I’ve become the person who stops mid-sentence and stares blankly at my very confused friend.

It is also hard not to just feel bitter resentment towards friends who seem to be easily, instantly landing their dream jobs. Hold the champagne guys, I’m getting left behind.

There comes a time each week where I have to just give in and let myself melt into the world of Downton Abbey or watch stupid YouTube videos of pets that look like Pokémon characters- a kitten saying its Pikachu can really oddly brighten up your day I promise.

Then when I’m chilled out I can actually do useful things like write essay deadlines down and highlight them in vast scribbles of neon pink (just in case I forgot that they are kind of important) The other day I even finally arranged a meeting with my dissertation supervisor; one step towards getting the pretty essential part of my degree organised.

So although we might all feel a bit daunted at the prospect of joining the real world and be freaked that we aren’t propelling our lives forward at the velocity of those around us it’s really just about taking it one little step at a time.


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