Posted by: arydaeva | November 13, 2013

Chronicles of fingers-stained keyboard

Hello, guys and girls! This year is bursting and tearing me apart, as I try to both go with my part-time job (unqualified, but, thanks gods, flexible), improve my grades, gain some experience, learn new language (or rather continue with it) and find summer internship. Being a lazy creature and an international student, I also try to make sure that the latter one doesn’t clash with my plans or last exams, which is probably not the most efficient strategy.

So  I took great interest in browsing through sites with potential internship offers, and currently try to make a list of them, just for the future. Plus they often contain graduate job offers, which will also prove useful in time.

Image I am relatively lucky, as don’t face problem common and daunting for many Humanities and Arts students – I already defined what I am going to do (journalism, particularly – travel journalism). I thought, it will narrow the field of research and make everything simpler. Little did I know…

Well, primarily, coming back to our topic, it really restricted the choice of internship, as it would be pretty useless to spend summer months, say, in sales or retail sector, if I am determined to write. I found fabulous website called, designed specifically for advertising positions in journalism and PR – though it holds particularly more graduate vacancies, there’s an “Intern” section, too.  

Also I browse regularly through the advertisements on, which is more global and contains internships for all the sectors from Media to Engineering. I consider projects, offered by, organized in a range of European cities, including Berlin, Madrid and Edinburgh. And, of course, there’s a good old method of typing “journalism summer internships london” in Google…

Turning to more academic side of my preparation, I research journalism-related, writing-related and travel-related literature, from books in  “Teach Yourself” series to autobiographical accounts of National Geographic explorers (“Pink boots and a machete”, for instance, it quite a good example).

Other books, which I read or plan to read, include:

And also some travel writing examples, like The Lost Girls: Three Friends. Four Continents. One Unconventional Detour Around the World”, travelogues by H.V. Morton and editions of “Wanderlust” or “National Geographic Traveller”.

I actually don’t want to get lost in reading lists – I get quite enough of that in my studies, thanks! – and no useful texts can substitute work practice, so I really have to find ways to Get Stuff Published.  Apart from participating in university projects, I also tried by best for the annual Gap Travel Guide. If I was lucky, in January you are going to get my proud photo with a new edition, containing international volunteering, archaeological findings and unexpected adventures. If no – I will still make sure someone can read it…

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