Posted by: amandaguarino | November 16, 2013

First Job After Graduating: A Day in the Life

Congratulations!  You’ve finally got a job!  Say goodbye to student life and unemployment and hello to the 9-to-5 office world.

There is no way to standardise these ‘first’ jobs, as people find different types of opportunities.  In my experience in America, I was fortunate to start my job two weeks after I graduated from university.  The company I worked for specialised in working with international students coming to study in Boston, USA.  In my role as a homestay coordinator, I was responsible for arranging for students to live with American families who shared their interests and lifestyle preferences.  It was a unique type of job and I definitely enjoyed it.

There were three of us in total who worked in this office.  The daily routine consisted of me sitting at a desk from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM doing a variety of office tasks and responding to loads of emails and phone calls.  Projects were mostly daily tasks instead of long-term assignments.  Some days were crazy busy; other days not so much.  About once a week or so, my colleague and I went out on ‘home visits’ where we met prospective families looking to host international students.  These days were always interesting because our hosts were from so many different cultural backgrounds and it was great to get to know them personally.

The best thing about this position was being able to work in a small team and have a say in a lot of company decisions.  The people I worked with were amazing and it was a supportive atmosphere to develop my skills and prepare me for postgraduate study in a related field.  All first jobs are different, but you will learn from the experience regardless.

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