Posted by: jianglinzi | November 18, 2013

It’s not late yet!

May I have your attention, if you are an international postgraduate student, I mean, a non-EU student? The moment I arrived in the UK, a previous postgraduate told me if I want to find a job here after graduating I must get started now. What? Many freshmen including me think maybe it is so early to get prepared for a job. But she insisted, “Chances favors the prepared mind. Even if you prepare for it in advance, you are not guaranteed an offer in the end.”

Faced with dismal job market, many young people remain unemployed. I asked many times my friends in the UK, how hard it is to find a job and the answer is… ummm, you know. Take me for example, I applied for about 20 jobs or internships for the last two months, but I just received few opportunities for interview. I think I know “how hard” it is now.

Besides the depression of economy, another trouble for us international students is the abolishment of Post-study Work Visa (PSW). You should have a sponsorship from a Tier 2 Sponsors, who are also reluctant to recruit non-EU employees, because it is too troublesome. So, get started asap!

However, if you don’t have a plan to stay in the UK and all you want is just an internship, you can start a bit later. I am also looking for internships, but most employers require applicants to start on December. So, maybe you can get fully prepared for another couple of months. And I have a tip – following the twitter of employers you are interested in or sending email directly to their HRs to ask what jobs are open, that’s helpful, based on my experience lol.

So, new postgrads or senior undergrads, get ready in advance and you will grasp some opportunities. By the way, good marks, internships as well as volunteer experiences, all can enhance you CV.

Get moving’!

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