Posted by: amandaguarino | January 10, 2014

14 Career Ideas for 2014

January is a time for new beginnings, especially with New Year’s resolutions and all.  Whether you’re starting out or trying to add some life into an existing career, here are 14 things you can do in 2014:

  1. Network.  It’s a word and activity we all dread in some ways, but think of networking as a learning opportunity.  I have learned so many interesting facts about industry trends, job responsibilities and workplace environments by just talking to people.
  2. Make friends.  I do not just suggest making friends with people in your chosen career field.  Whilst that is excellent for networking, I suggest you surround yourself with friends from a variety of backgrounds.  Not only will it make your life well-rounded, it will make you an interesting person and give you some perspective on your own chosen path.
  3. Maintain a LinkedIn presence.  Even if you forget you ever created an account, log in once and awhile to see what’s going on.  Make sure you have an updated and good-looking profile as you search for jobs.
  4. Get creative.  Mix up your usual routine, change up your desk, or do something fun on your lunch break.  Small changes can make mundane tasks seem more exciting, and may even stimulate thinking.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Take a break.
  7. Don’t settle.  If your position is not challenging, ask if there is more responsibility you can take on.  If your job isn’t a good fit, don’t be afraid to look for something new.
  8. Keep healthy.  Eating properly and exercising regularly will give you ample energy to do the job.
  9. Sleep.
  10. Socialise with colleagues.  Whether it’s a staff member’s birthday, Christmas party or just a tea break, get to know those whom you work with.
  11. Read up on your chosen career field.
  12. Perfect your social media skills.
  13. Stay as organized as you can.
  14. Don’t compare yourself to your peers.  Post-graduation, you and your former course mates are now following separate paths, each with its pros and cons.  Focus on yours.


  1. Aaahh…sleep. I have a dim and distant memory (pre-kids) of that one.
    Excellent tips Amanda, nice inspiration for the New Year!

  2. Amanda, please shout this from the rooftops.

    These tips are things all jobseekers should be thinking about this year now the job market has become tougher. Networking and communicating with people already working in your chosen industry can prove incredibly worthwhile and now the Flappy Birds hype has come to an end, perhaps people can put those smartphones to good use!

    The job hunt can be a grueling experience – a chore for many. There are certain aspects of the job hunt which can be made enjoyable and networking is one of them. My advice would be to start of talking to people you know as sparking a conversation with a stranger can feel uncomfortable. You never know who is in a friend’s contact list or who is just one click away on LinkedIn.

    Perfecting your social media skills means more than completing a LinkedIn profile. You may not guess it from the recent weather, but spring is on it’s way. A social media “spring clean” where you remove any innaproriate tweets or wild night out photos improves your professionalism and can increase your chanced of finding a job you’ll love.

    Looking forward to more,
    Amie Paxton

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