Posted by: jianglinzi | January 22, 2014

A Good Mindset Matters

Another year has come! I don’t even realize how time goes by so quickly. I’m still trying hard to find a job, or an internship. In the last months, I’ve got some new thoughts concerning looking for a job, which I hope may help you.

Yes, I want to talk about the mindset. Finding a job is a long, painstaking, tiring, boring, frustrating… (ok, stop!)… but meaningful process. It’s a transition from the school to the workplace where you played/will play a part in.You don’t need to be anxious for success (sometimes I’m so anxious when I fire off my CVs but receive no responses), which is nothing but frustrating, but that doesn’t mean you can reap where you haven’t sown.

All you need to do is take your time. In the process, you will have learned how to choose the industry you most want to engage in and thereafter the most desirable company. It is necessary to understand the cultural background and know about key people in the company. And trying to resonate with their values is important. During this period, a right-mindset job seeker will witness his/her rapidly-improved capabilities. Moreover, when you possess excellent communicating skills and relevant experiences and so on, you ARE fully-prepared for the interview and even the job in the future. As a saying goes, if you want the job, you’d better imagine you are doing the job already.

Calm down and be positive. Happy job hunting in 2014!

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