Posted by: emilygilmour | January 31, 2015

Forget diets, here are my top 5 career resolutions for 2015

I may be just a tad late in making my New Year’s resolutions, however it’s better late than never… Right?! We are (only just) still in January after all. Normally, I would commit myself in the New Year to an array of challenges and changes that never really come into fruition. But for 2015, rather than doing something different, I aim to be something different, and thus changing the way I think about my future. The following five “be’s” will (hopefully) enable me to further prepare myself for graduation and the ever-looming job market.
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  • To be organised: I’m fortunate in that I’ve already been trying to work out what I want to do after graduation, researching into different job sectors and roles to see what I think I would like to apply for. I am going to take advantage of as many opportunities Newcastle University offers me in the hope that it will make me as employable as possible, as well as being a lot of fun.
  • To be thoughtful: I know that a career doesn’t have to have a permanent path in a particular sector, however, I am trying to really think and understand what I want from a job. Is it money? Happiness? The belief that I am doing something meaningful and worthwhile? Hopefully all three. (Am I being too optimistic?)
  • To be ambitious: We have all seen the headline news: ‘GRADUATES LEFT UNEMPLOYED’ or ‘JOBLESS GRADS INCREASE’, and it’s no surprise that it leaves us worried and anxious about our career prospects. This year, I will forget my worries and apply for what I want even if I think I won’t get it!
  • To be open minded: I suppose with a degree like mine I have to be, considering English Literature and History are rather broad and open subjects with a plethora of job sectors to choose from, and so I want to ensure that I have explored all of my options.
  • To be confident: Confidence. It’s a key competency in all jobs, yet often it is rather hard to increase. This year I want to challenge myself in the hope that it increases my confidence levels, doing things such as public speaking; a competitive run; a bungee jump (although the latter is very unlikely!).

If anyone can think of any more “be’s” then please do leave a comment below, it would be great to know what other people are doing to get the most out of their career prospects!

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