Posted by: juliamayglen | February 3, 2015

Creative Careers Week

When I have attended Careers Fairs in the past I have often left feeling disheartened.

Although excellent for Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants and Business students, I have always struggled to find a stall that interests me, no matter how much free stationery the accountancy firms have tried to bribe me with.

I am a classicist and, like many arts students, I suffer the problem that my degree does not lead to a specific career.

This is why I was so excited to hear about Creative Careers Week. Finally an event that caters to the career interests of arts students!

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The first talk I attended was ‘Careers in Digital Marketing’. Digital marketing is an expanding sector of marketing, with more and more jobs being created. The three speakers shared their varying experiences in Digital Marketing. From this talk I took away the importance of gaining a range of experiences, for whatever career path you may go down. Transferable skills and a desire to learn are really appealing to an employer. Even using social media and blogging can be relevant experience! So even if you have no direct Digital Marketing experience, this could be the career for you!

The second talk I attended was ‘Creating a Career with your Talents’. Here, a variety of people from a range of different creative careers spoke; including fashion, art and journalism. From this talk I took away the importance of making contacts. Contacts are a great way of getting insight into a career and are a great way of discovering opportunities. One of the speakers was a current student, who explained how much support the University provided in his venture. The Careers Service not only provide support, they have funding opportunities for start-up businesses with the Rise Up Scheme.

Something that really stuck with me from this talk was one of the speakers who declared that being a creative is not a barrier. Although your degree may not lead directly to a career this is not a barrier, it is an opportunity to find something you love and pursue it.

For more Creative Careers Week information and events, check out

For more information on Rise Up, check out


  1. Glad you enjoyed creative careers week Julia!
    We do try to cater for students interested in all sectors at the Careers Service 🙂 As you probably know, 1 in every 10 jobs held by graduates in the UK is in the creative industries (see – but the routes to get into creative roles aren’t always as straightforward as in other sectors – I think the speakers we had really gave great insights into how to make it possible!

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