Posted by: davidjamesnaylor | February 21, 2015

Gizza’ Job: My Assessment Centre Action Plan

Make an Impression

As I write, my suit is receiving a pampering at the dry cleaners, readying for battle at my upcoming assessment centre. Even if it’s just for your own benefit, making an effort to ‘look the part’ when meeting potential employers helps you make a killer first impression whilst letting you feel all special and important at the same time.

Make sure you talk the talk too- fasten an enthusiastic smile to your face as you make carefully-selected small talk with the assessors in the lunch break. Don’t be afraid to give them a nudge towards hiring your good self, however discrete and friendly it may be. Present the best version of yourself throughout the day and you won’t go far wrong!

What Am I Letting Myself in For?

Google truly is a wonderful thing. A quick search of “Assessment Centres at…” could lead you to a treasure trove of advice from previous cohorts of applicants. Companies aren’t likely to drastically change the set up of their assessment days each year, and a quick scouring of the inter-web has hopefully given me a taste of what’s to come.

I’ve also been living out of the company website, feeding myself with the latest info and tit-bits related to company policy and the job specification. I’ve found it very helpful going over my initial application and CV too, making sure that I’m well versed in my life endeavors thus far. Here’s hoping my time as a ‘newspaper distributor’ scores me a few points.

Practice Makes Perfect

GCSEs, A-Levels, Exams…the advice is always the same. The more you practice something, the better you get. I recently attended a practice Assessment Centre courtesy of the Newcastle Uni Careers Service, and it was a perfect way of preparing for the big day. Better to cut your teeth in front of helpful and advice-laden Uni staff rather than your prospective employers. The Careers Service hold regularly Assessment Centre-related events, I read three this month alone! 

Take a Deep Breath

I won’t lie, I am desperate to get this placement. Nevertheless, I’m heading down to London the day before my assessment to soak up the ‘vibes’ and take a protracted deep breath before the show. You can only do your best right?

Wish me Luck!


  1. Good luck! Let us know how you get on.

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