Posted by: juliamayglen | February 28, 2015

A Job Interview Like No Other

For most jobs there are several conventional stages a candidate will go through; a CV, an interview, maybe an assessment centre.

For Sabbatical Officers it all rides on a successful campaign; posters, videos, a speech, and your vote.

I am in the process of campaigning for Activities Officer and next week the results will be revealed.

The Sabbatical Officers are Newcastle University alumni elected to help run the Students Union.

There is a President, Activities Officer, AU Officer, Education Officer, Equality and Welfare Officer and the Editor of the Courier.

They make sure that NUSU is representing the students’ needs and interests, and providing you with the best university experience possible.

Activities Officer is responsible for organising societies, the International Festival of Arts, Graduation Ball and the Pride of Newcastle Awards.

I am campaigning for more recognition, more opportunities and more support for you with the activities you are involved in.

To find out more, and show your support for my campaign click here and details of my and the other candidate’s manifestos here.  

Vote from 3pm on Monday 2nd March



  1. While we wish Julia luck with her campaign – we need to point out that the Careers Service is of course impartial!

    Good luck to all candidates and well done on putting so much effort into your campaigns – very inspiring.

    Check out all candidate manifestos here: (you’ll need to login!)

    And don’t forget to vote!

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