Posted by: juliamayglen | March 9, 2015

Plan B

So what do you do when you get rejected from the job you want?

If you read my last post you will know that I went for a Sabbatical Officer role at the Union. The job application for the Sabb. role was a campaign. The students vote and the elected winner gets the job, it’s all student politics.

I didn’t get the job… so what now? For any one who gets rejected from the job they want, what is the next step?

If I’m honest, I’m kind of looking forward to applying for a job which hires based on merit, as opposed to popularity. Will I come to regret saying that? Probably. Do I sound bitter? Probably.

So on to the next thing.
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For a lot of final year students location is a key issue when considering jobs. Do you apply for a job at home and save on rent? Do you stay in Newcastle and retain your freedom? Do you go abroad and try something new?

I want to stay in Newcastle, but how will I afford rent with no student loan? What if I can’t get a graduate job or a job that I want? Would I be happy to work in a bar for the year just stay in Newcastle? These are all things that I need to consider.

Eventually I want to work in event management and I want to travel. But if I stay in Newcastle will I be able to save up enough money to go? And, if I do work in a bar for a year will I be gaining relevant experience for events management and enhancing my CV? More points to consider.

The truth is I don’t have an answer.

The only advice I can give is to keep going and keep trying.


  1. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and…think about a summer placement with Newcastle Work Experience? It’s paid, will give you loads to put on your CV and may even turn into a longer term role!

  2. Sorry you were disappointed Julia, but good for you for having the guts to put yourself out there. You should be proud of yourself. Don’t forget that the careers service is here to support you with your planning. Feel free to pop in to discuss your ‘Plan B’ with a careers adviser – no appointment needed

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