Posted by: juliamayglen | May 29, 2015

I know what you did last summer…

Last summer was my gap between second and third year. All I wanted to think about was holidays, seeing friends, and just relaxing before my final year of education.

This summer it is my gap between third year and… well, I don’t really know what.

For every soon to be graduate the question ‘so, what are you doing next year?’ seems to follow you around everywhere. ‘Are you moving back home?’ and ‘Have you got a job yet?’ are questions that most of us do not yet know the answers to.

I decided that before I can answer these questions I needed some experience in a work place: something that would help me decide what kind of job I should I actually be applying for.

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My first (and fortunately final) stop on my search was the Careers Service Website, on which I found the Newcastle Work Experience programme. NWE offers a range of different internships at local businesses and charities. Opportunities range from app development to digital marketing.

I decided to apply for a couple of internships in the events and marketing field, as this is an area I have considered working in. After the application process I managed to secure two interviews, and got an offer from Disability North to be their Events and Marketing Assistant.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to gain experience in a professional working environment, and see if events and marketing really is the career path I want to pursue.

If you are looking for experience in whatever field, I recommend checking out NWE’s opportunities for this summer!


  1. Congrats Julia! Hope you enjoy it!

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