Posted by: chloealanis | October 26, 2015

Why do a Summer Internship in your first year?


So you’ve just about got to grips with the whole ‘University’ thing. Managing to juggle fresher night life with 9am lectures, cooking for yourself and flying high in your new found freedom! Exams seem a lifetime away, so Summer!? You probably haven’t even thought about it.

But now that you are thinking about it, here are 10 reasons why doing a summer internship is invaluable experience in your first year.

  • Add to your CV- Recruiters look for experience on your CV. A summer internship looks fantastic, especially if you’ve shown initiative by doing one at the end of first year!
  • Learn from the best in the industry- The people you meet and get to work with on your internship will be amazing at their job. You’ll quite literally be learning from the best, so lap up the opportunity!
  • Gain skills and experience at graduate level- Internship roles are often exactly the same, or very similar to the company’s graduate roles. You’ll learn so much in such a short space of time, and most of these new skills will be transferrable into any career.
  • Earn money- This speaks for itself really! The majority of internships are paid, and if you use credible sites like, they don’t ever advertise unpaid opportunities. Some placements will even pay you the same salary as a graduate!
  • Fast-track to graduate scheme- If you make a good impression whilst on your internship, it’s likely the business will have a fast-track scheme onto their graduate or placement programme. If you really stand out, you might even be given a fixed graduate job offer!
  • ‘Try-before-you-buy’- This is amazingly helpful if you’re somebody who doesn’t know exactly what they want to do when they graduate. You get to try out a career, and by the end, know whether it’s something you want to pursue in the future or not.
  • Networking-Networking really is the key to a successful career. Internships put you in a great position to meet new people from all different areas of a business, and give you the opportunity to expand your network of professional contacts.
  • Get more from your degree- Learning on the job is the fastest way to put what you have learnt in lectures into practice. It will also give you a head start with next year’s modules and give you examples to draw from in future essays!
  • Stand out when applying for other placement opportunities- This is especially an advantage if you have a placement year as part of your course. These are competitive, and having an internship as experience will put you miles ahead of other applicants.
  • Experience of a graduate application process- This is a good enough reason just to APPLY to do a summer internship! It doesn’t matter if you don’t get offered the position, next time you come to an assessment centre you’ll know exactly what to expect!

So, if you’re now sat wondering what to do with your summer, then I can’t recommend doing an internship enough. Many students don’t consider any kind of internship or placement until the end of their second year- if at all- so it gives you a great head start career wise. And who doesn’t want to earn money, have fun and add to your CV? You never know, you might even start second year with a graduate job offer already in the bag…

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