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Hello gentle readers…

I’m the new (read: late) addition to the Careering Ahead team. I’m the littlest one here, only 18 and in my first year at Newcastle studying English Literature. However, the way I see it, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future and how I’m going to fund my Hollister/chocolate ice cream addiction wherein.

At the moment I’m working in what I commonly refer to as a ‘posh clothes shop’ in Jesmond, am on the writing team for JesmondLocal (a hyperlocal news website) and when I’m with my parents in the holidays, I work in their successful “ethical” butchers shop. Yeah… I never know how they can call it that either!

In my time with Careering Ahead, I hope to share my stories as my dreams veer wildly from rockstar to housewife, hopefully (read: maybe (read: probably not (read: almost definitely not (read: only joking!)))) impart some wisdom. Wisdom which doesn’t involve an impulsive use of punctuation… something I like to call my ‘comma vomit’.

Oh – my name is Catt and I like to make acronyms with my hands.


samHi there….I’m Sam a 4th year Newcastle medical student from Manchester. I’m 5 ft 5, voluptuous and exotic. Ahemm… this sounds like an introduction by Cilla Black on the show Blind Date. I should then stipulate that I’m an asexual female who only has time for Kumar&Clarke (a 1360 paged text book dedicated to every disease known on earth yet fails to mention man flu). If only, then perhaps I wouldn’t be at all stressed about the impending exams in 5 weeks.

Well, just to give you a quick inkling of who I am- according to the Myer’s Briggs personality test I’m an “ENFP”! If you’re not at all familiar with personality types this is the talk of the town at Newcastle medical school at the moment. The university made it compulsory for all 4th year medics to take this test to give us an idea of who we are and suggestions on suitable career paths. Click on this link and complete the mini version- it’s great fun!

Anyhow, back to ‘ENFP’- I’m apparently enthusiastic, inspiring, fun, reckless, and genuinely interested in people. I used to love belly dancing but have since given that up now I’ve met Kumar :). If you’d like to find out more about me be sure to follow my monthly blogs and I’ll keep you updated on the crazy life of a medical student who can’t decide between Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs, and Psychiatry or Palliative Care!


Easy now.

I’m Nick and this is my second year writing for Careering Ahead. I’m so amazing I continue. Actually, I’m working part-time in a deli… which isn’t the career I’ve ever thought about having. So here I am, still pursuing my dreams.

This time last year I was a bit of a mess. I was going into my final year and I was so lazy I thought I didn’t like anything. Thinking about a career seemed so distant and difficult. I graduated from a Linguistics (don’t ask me to explain it!) degree this summer with a 2:1. I partied hard and I worked too much.

My philosophy on life is simple – do want you want to do, as long as it’s not really stupid. I apply this to everything, career included. So I made a list, like I always do, and it went:

(A) I love writing, I want to be a writer.
(B) I love music, I want to be a radio DJ.
(C) and I want to make music too!

My first (and main) goal is to have my sitcom proposal accepted. Whilst I sort that out, I am doing work experience at appropriate places (e.g. BBC 6 Music, The Press), and gaining real-work experience at the deli. Some people think I’m living in a bubble but they don’t understand the “why not?” phrase. I know these careers are not immediately achievable but I am working towards them.

I hope my blogs will provide motivation for you to stick your neck on the line and succeed where you want to succeed. You’ll need a lot of motivation.

Hiya! I’m Emma and I study Human Genetics which has a lot to do with fruit flies and not a lot else! I’m in third year which is a bit scary as career-wise I’m a bit directionless, but I’m trying to be optimistic and take the opportunity to see what’s out there.

Outside of Uni I help run two societies and have a part time job so things tend to be a little hectic for me; but I live by the work hard play harder philosophy. If I don’t keep myself busy then I’m likely to be found napping in my bed which isn’t much use to anyone!

I love vintage fashion. cooking and dancing to loud music but I’m not such a big fan of exams, early starts and my bank balance (which is rather scary most of the time). In most respects I’d say I’m your typical student. Hope you guys enjoy reading my blogs!


Hi readers, I have a BA in English Literature from Newcastle University and I’m still at Newcastle, now studying for an MA in Modern & Contemporary Studies. This course was previously known as Modern & Contemporary Fictions, which I much preferred, as Studies makes it sound like I’m analysing Big Brother…which I’m not.

I struggle to keep count, but right now I think I have three jobs – I work part time in a clothing shop, I’m a student ambassador for Vice Magazine and I’m doing an NWE (Newcastle Work Experience) placement e-marketing for Theatre Sans Frontieres.

As well as keeping you updated with my search for a ‘proper career’ and the paths through which I’m seeking funding for a PhD, I’m also planning to outline some of the weird ways I’ve managed to get jobs in the past. Although nothing as seedy as that last sentence implies, I have previously picked up random jobs which have led to my writing being published nationally, free entry into almost anything I wanted for three months and going to take photos of people smiling at a Barry Manilow concert…Hopefully you’ll enjoy these anecdotes as well as getting some useful job hunting tips from my blogs!


jess Hey, I’m Jess and I’m a 3rd year English Language student. Doing such a general degree and being generally very indecisive I still have no idea where I’m heading career wise. So far this year I’ve been concentrating on trying to secure a 2:1 for when I graduate, which is currently my main priority. For a while I’ve been freaking out about the fact I don’t know what I’m going to do for my ‘grown up’ job, and I’ve had a few panic fuelled visits to the careers service. Through this, I’ve realised this semester that it’s actually ok not to know, (and pretty common), and have since decided I want to take a gap year after uni and do the one thing I am 100% certain I should do: travel.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy following my blog as I try and negotiate a gap year that sounds more impressive than ‘minced about in Asia’ on my CV, and is suitably ‘safe’ so that my mum doesn’t have a heart attack while I’m away… It all seems a bit up in the air at the moment, but it’ll soon be time to start making some concrete plans. Hopefully any readers who are also intending on doing a gap year can share my struggle with planning the thing, and feel free to maybe chip in some advice in the comments 😉
There’s also the delicate issue of applying for an adult job when I come back, which I don’t want to leave until I am actually back, because that would just be…well, horrendous. So I need to work that into the equation too! Hope you enjoy reading…


Hello there, I am Tushar and I recently finished my MSc. in Automation and Control Engineering.

I grew up in New Delhi, capital of India, but was seduced by the big city lights of Newcastle as a teen. Newcastle in these years has completely changed me as a person and apart from meeting some amazing people; the fact that Newcastle is ranked number 7 in the world in terms of its nightlife has certainly helped me enjoy my time here. I still return to my roots at least once a year and stay in touch with family and friends.

I have always liked trying new things in life, and my latest hobbies are composing music and buying cool stuff on eBay that I don’t actually need (most recent one being a time travel machine :-P).

After working at a call centre over the summer, I decided to quit after realising I needed to take job hunting more seriously. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing experiences of my journey from being a jobless graduate to hopefully either being an employed engineer or an entrepreneur (still deciding). If you’d like to know more, then be sure to follow my posts.


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