Team of 2011/12


Hey! I’m Dan and I’m a final year History student and a self declared geek. I’m really interested in online media and marketing and hoping to get into this career after Uni.

I’m a social media intern for a local company called Exclusive which is fun, but sometimes like banging your head off a second hand desk.  I play drums on the local jazz scene, never leave the house without my iPod and my goal in life is to get on Masterchef. Long story but I’ve got a non-stick pan and a dream!

Hoping to blog about my current internship and online business media, if thats your bag.


Hi everyone,

I’m Briony. I’m currently in my third year of Law School and have my sights set on getting a training contract (hopefully in London) and becoming a solicitor in the future. So I have to say most of my blogs will be about the process of filling out lots of applications for work placements, vacation schemes, training contracts and the interview process.

Outside of university, I’m pretty much just your normal girl. I love music, my iPod is usually attached to my hand, and I’m a massive fan of music festivals and attend at least one every year. Besides that I enjoy spending time with my friends, cooking, watching movies and going out etc.

As I’ve been through the entire training contract application process last year and am setting out on doing so again, I’m hoping my advice on the subject will be helpful to any readers who are also in the same boat, so if you need any tips, please do read!


Hello, I’m Hannah and I’m a third year English Language undergraduate at Newcastle University.  I have become attached to this title, and the prospect of it being forcibly changed to ‘graduate seeking a job in media and journalism’ is worrying, to say the least.  Until I came to University my heart was set on becoming a teacher. I’m not sure what changed, but now my ultimate job title is: editor of British Vogue.  You can imagine the responses… but I might as well aim for the top.

So, with my sights set unbelievably high, you can imagine how I felt when I finished second year and realised that in a year’s time I would be starting out on my unpaved career path. And then the panic set in when I looked at my empty CV.  My plan for the summer 2011 and third year dramatically changed to: become more employable.

I decided to start writing for this blog because I wish someone had told me to start this sooner. So I hope someone will benefit from, and maybe even enjoy, reading about how I set about this and if, come summer 2012, it paid off


CharlotteWell hello there!

I’m Charlotte, a second year Engineering Doctorate (EngD) student, studying biopharmaceutical process development at the newly established BBTC (read my future blog posts to find out more about this) in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials…..Breath. Too many words and acronyms I know! Sorry!

Will I ever leave the world of academia?! Well I did try once! After completing my undergraduate masters in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Nottingham I worked in the third sector for a charity called Headway – the brain injury association, as a trusts officer. My job role here involved raising income through writing letters and applications to trusts and foundations and on a lighter note, setting up and helping to run a fancy dress section in one of the charity shops.

I enjoyed the job, but felt the need to utilise my scientific knowledge and so embarked on some more higher education this time in Newcastle, a place I’ve always wanted to live.

Where will it take me this time…. who knows?!

I’m trying to gather as many experiences as possible during my time at the University, from blogging on here (attempting to improve my creativity!) to working as a CV advisor in the Careers Service.

In my spare time I’m a keen sportswoman playing netball and hockey and also spend many an hour at my allotment growing my own and keeping chickens.


MichaelGreetings blog readers and bloggers!

My name is Michael and I am a part-time Masters student in Roman and Byzantine Archaeology and a Newcastle University graduate in Archaeology and as you can probably see it is fair to say I am interested in all things archaeological and historical.
I have many career goals and am looking to increase my auctoritas (In the Roman world this means reputation and authority). I would like to one day reach the dizzy heights of lecturer and author in the field of Roman and/or Byzantine Archaeology.

At the moment I do not have a job, however, I do have a lot of applications floating around the jobs market and I have lots of experience with the grim process of answering questions such as ‘Why would you be an ideal candidate for the role of…..?’ In my up and coming blog posts I will try to give advice and tips on how to answer some of these time consuming questions. I will also write about my interview experiences and offer some top tips.

In the word of the 11th Doctor, Geronimo!!! So jump in there and read my blog. (Everyone who knows me will have expected this sci-fi reference and more will follow)
Live long and prosper!


ElizabethHello, friends!

I’m Elizabeth Adeolu (Liz), a student of English and Linguistics (MA). I’m also African, Nigerian to be precise (which would explain my surname, I guess).  I love to write articles, prose, and realistic poetry from time to time. I also draw, especially when I’m incredibly bored (FYI, this usually happens in some classes). Not that my drawing can hold a candle to the likes of Michelangelo’s and co. I dance and sing too (especially in front of my mirror and in the shower!).

I’m currently searching for a part-time job that would earn me skills necessary for being an entrepreneur in the future, as well as thinking about starting my PhD programme in September (the operational word is ‘thinking’).  Interestingly, I have a reputation for being some sort of puritan with no social life (blame my temperament!).

So what do all these make me? A boring job seeker and maybe potential PhD holder who channels her energy into writing?
Follow my posts and you might just be surprised!



I’m the administrator for Careering Ahead.  It’s my task to find the best student and graduate bloggers around to share their career related experiences with you.  I won’t be writing on here – that’s not my job – but I thought I’d introduce myself as you might see me popping up every now and again to leave a comment.I work at Newcastle University Careers Service as an Information Officer where I help students and graduates to access the careers information they need.  The other parts of my role include editing and managing content for the Careers Service website and championing the use of social media technologies (like this blog!).I was employed in the banking and finance sector for four years before deciding to make the move to work in Higher Education.  I have a degree in Journalism Studies and recently started studying for a masters degree on a distance learning basis.  Overall, I reckon I’ve been pretty lucky.  I’ve enjoyed my career experiences to date, but the decisions and choices I’ve had to make along the way haven’t always been straightforward – if only I’d had something like Careering Ahead to reassure me that I wasn’t alone!


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