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I Hate Maths.

Posted by: Fiona Miller on November 17, 2015

Chronicles of fingers-stained keyboard

Posted by: arydaeva on November 13, 2013

Post-Degree Blues

Posted by: EmmaMountain on May 29, 2013

That ‘gut feeling’…

Posted by: Michelle on May 17, 2013

What am I going to do with my life?!

Posted by: jessnorbury on February 13, 2013

Premature Graduate Blues

Posted by: hannahefriend on January 26, 2012

My Mission for Motivation!

Posted by: lucy. on August 22, 2011

Success at last!

Posted by: Charlotte on July 8, 2011

Ink Stained Fingers And A Mad Look In Ones Eye

Posted by: katherinejackman on February 15, 2011

My friends are my competition, argh!!!

Posted by: Lina on January 26, 2011