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Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I’m a Stage 2 History and English Literature student. I am part of the majority of undergrads that currently have NO CLUE about their future job, but I’m on a search to find out more – taking advantage of the workshops, talks and services that the Careers Service at Newcastle University provides, and course, blogging about it!Emily

Of course, as a Literature student, I am a lover of books and although I study History, I am constantly thinking about my future. I originate from Cumbria (It’s a wilderness of its own kind), full of sheep and green stuff. I am a Student Mentor (I will explain more about that later), and part of ENACTUS society, two things I would really recommend you join!

I am very excited to start this little blogging adventure, it might even help me to become more certain of what job I want to do after graduation!

I hope you’ll enjoy my random musings!


Hello! I’m Shaun, and I’m in my second year of a BA Media, Communication and Cultural Studies degree. I’ve been absolutely loving my course and my time in Shaun2Newcastle, but recently it dawned on me that I’m halfway through my degree and fast heading towards my final summer as a student. I haven’t had a vast amount of experience in the world of careers but I’m looking to jump in at the deep end, and blogging for Careering Ahead seemed like the perfect point of entry.

I’m a keen writer and aspiring journalist, so blogging about my experiences discovering the world of careers ties in greatly with my degree, and hopefully on the way I can share some valuable information about my journey. I’m a lover of reading, writing, travel, film and most other forms of media (surprisingly enough). I’m hoping to be lucky enough to spend my final student summer combining these passions, desirably writing about film or travel or music on an internship in a foreign country. You have to aim high, right? I’ll be sure to write about my successes and failures on the way. Enjoy the blog, and please comment! There’s no time like university to be making connections.


Hello, I’m Julia Glen. I’m in my third and final year doing a Classical Studies BA.

At the end of second year I asked myself the question: ‘If I graduated now, would I have made the most of being at university?’ I decided no and this year I have thrown myself into every possible opportunity.Julia

Not only have I become a Blogger for Careering Ahead, I decided to start playing a sport and joined the Canoe and the Canoe Polo Club. I am president of the Newcastle University Cocktail Society and New Societies Rep. on the Societies Executive Committee. I also have a part-time job and, of course, my studies.

I am still figuring out what I want to do after graduation. I have considered applying for a Masters, going traveling and running as a Sabbatical Officer at NUSU.

My dream job would be in events management and would have to include lots of travel and meeting interesting people.

In my blog I will be writing about my experiences with the Careers Service and in my various roles, as well as my future goals and aspirations.


Hi! I’m Abbie and I’m a second year Marketing student and not entirely sure what I want to do with my life!

AbbieComing to University, the idea of 3 years studying sounded like I’d have plenty of time before I had to decide what it is I actually want to do. Nearly half way through my degree and I’m starting to realise I actually have no idea, and I’m finding myself considering a number of possibilities: Masters? Postgrad? Law conversion? Graduate Scheme? I’m hoping that throughout the year, I’ll have made some progress, but being the most indecisive person around, it could be questionable.

As well as indecisive, I’m also outgoing, creative and optimistic! I have a Netflix addiction and possibly an online shopping addiction. I’m also a lover of music, films, baking and lazy days.

This is my first time at blogging, so you may have to bear with me at times. As well as sharing and updating you of my career ambitions and experiences, I’m also hoping to share the thought processes of a second year student making some interesting decisions!


Hey! I’m Rhiannon, a second year English Lit and German student.Rhiannon

I’m one of those lucky few that have known what I want to do for years; it’s just the going about and becoming it that’s the tricky part. I love writing and have known that I’ve wanted to become a journalist for about the last ten years. I don’t quite know what I want to specialise in; my fancy pretty much changes on a monthly basis.

One of the biggest problems I face is that the field I want to go in is a very competitive one, although I know that’s not a unique issue.  Which means whilst all I want to do is sit in bed and binge-watch the walking dead every weekend, I know some super proactive aspiring journalist student is out there finding work experience or reporting the next breaking news story to hit Newcastle.

Add into the mix a compulsory year out in Germany, where finding work and filling in applications is made all the more complex by the fact that you have absolutely no idea what anything means, I’d say I’m a pretty adept blogger to guide you through the ups and downs of actually discovering this ‘career’ thing you’ve heard so much about.


Well hello there.

If you’re one of those people that has only a rough idea as to what directions their career may take, I’m right there with you. I decided to study Combined Honours in History & BusiDaveness because it sounded ruddy interesting (its OK…) and because I thought coming to Newcastle would further open my eyes to the plethora of career-related opportunities that the world has to offer (it has!). Join me pick my through the curious process of building my future, starting with deciding whether to trot off on a year abroad or stay closer to home with a cosy placement. I’ll be blogging about my own personal career experiences and how they are shaping up. I’m also always on the lookout for chances to volunteer and help people less fortunate than me whilst gaining new experiences and skills to help me on my way.

I’m blessed with an array of interests and I’ll keep plugging away at them until I’m struck by a deeply EUREKA! moment that leaves me gallivanting off on a career-ing crusade. I’ve always loved writing and would love to continue creating my own literary corner in the world; whether that’s by becoming the next J. R. R.Tolkien (a mere fantasy, I know) or through attaining the title of world’s most frightfully insightful journalist and topical writer, I have yet to find out. I’ve written articles of all shapes and sizes for Newcastle Uni’s The Courier and for various other news and football websites. I’ve touched on Film, Science, and Music amongst other topics that perk my interest and I always like to keep a keen eye on various forms of media and how they inform and shape our world. I’m also interested in various aspects of Marketing and the increasingly exciting business cosmos with all of its digital changes and twisting evolutions. Feel free to get in touch and give me some pointers!

Pleasure to make your acquaintance!Sophia


Hi, I’m Sophia, and I’m a third year student from Cambridge studying Cellular and Molecular Biology. Despite the BSc, I can’t exactly see myself being a scientist per se…When I finish University this summer, I hope to move to London and get a job in science communication, so my mission for the next six months is to try and figure out how to from here, to there.


Hi everyone! I’m Yuki, a second year LLB Law student. An obvious career pathway will be becoming a solicitor or barrister, but I’m open to all other opportunities! My personal priority is studying Masters major in criminology over a training contract, which may sound weird, I know. I’m an adventurous person with international vision, YukiI love to travel to different places and gain different experience, so there is a high chance that I may study my Masters somewhere else in the world apart from the UK.

I love to be around children, thus, during the academic year, I volunteered as a teacher in a local school, teaching children around 5 to 10 years old Cantonese. It is a particular invaluable opportunity, not only because I can gain working experience with children but also release pressure from my studies by surrounding by so many carefree and innocent children.

As an international student myself, I know how painful it is to look for a job, be it a graduate job or a part-time job. In my posts, I will talk about the opportunities open to international students, as well as anything relevant to the law-relating career. One important thing to note: you can still work in a law firm or even become a lawyer even though you are NOT studying law! So stay tuned! 🙂

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